Reviews for "[StarFox Corneria] -Zero-"


haha i could really dance to this at a rave or something!
haha nice job that was great!

Get your grooovee onn!!!

keep it up!


I got a question: from wich starfox is it and wich level because i dont remember this. but it is great!

Super Awesome!

This is a very C00L sounding remix to that song

Awesomeness, sheer awesomness

I've been dying to hear a good Corneria remix and this doesnt disappoint! I love it a lot and wish it were longer too. It's definitely something I'm gonna enjoy listening to...and running through Audiosurf >:D

X-Infinity-Zero responds:

Thanks im glad you enjoyed it.

if you liked this one then check out my 2nd remix of this song. im sure u will like that as well and it is a good song for audiosurf.