Reviews for "[StarFox Corneria] -Zero-"


very catchy but a bit too much synth.


this tune is really catchy


you never cease to amaze man, I am insanely inspired by you, keep it up, and keep me posted on when you'll finish your new ones. see yah

Very few can pull off a master remix....

You are one of teh few. 10 out ot 10!


starts out great with lots of new stuff to make it fresh, but as it progressed, it just sort of backed off later on into it and stuck close to the original, which isn't neccisarily a bad thing, but after hearing the first 00:35 or so, it was a minor letdown. (also, needs some real guitar for the guitar portion to really bring it all together) all the nitpicking aside, still a fun listen, and I give it 7/10 stars.