Reviews for "[StarFox Corneria] -Zero-"


This is a really good piece of work the tempo is perfect but when you say you 'could have done more' I see what you mean as you have a brill melody and bass but the center feels a bit empty. When the tune came in at 1:11 and 1:35 it got a hell of a lot better but a song like this that, in my mind needs to make you picture a load of enemy ships flying around you in a huge dogfight needs several layers to kick that feeling of being surrounded by activity into action. Never the less don't think of this as bad, it's just short of the line to perfection.
Well done.

X-Infinity-Zero responds:

thanks for the review and yea the middle did feel empty but i was still leaning how to use the program when i made this and i still am learning how to use the program to this day.

i lost my FL file for this so i had to come back and listen to how i did some things in this track because i am almost done with another version of this that i think and hope everyone is going to really like.

when i said i felt like i could do more i meant it and im doing a lot more in this next version. i hope to have it out soon.

thanks for the review.

im glad you liked it.


Not bad

personally i would prefer the actual one, until i found this, im starting to like re-mixes ^^

oya oya oya


this can know be known as a legendary!

i have been listening to this way be4 i've had a ng acc.! epic!!!!!


finnally....somebody made a techno-sounding remix instead of a metal one......