Reviews for "[StarFox Corneria] -Zero-"

Yes, I like it fast. :P

This is pretty good, but I feel the guitar riffs at 0:56-1:07 could of been heavier. Other than that, perfect!


Man how i still love the old S-NES original Starfox. Ahh all the memories this brings to me is just amazing... As well the famous words "Wing Damaged" that id get every so often for flying like a crazy person. This song makes me wish i still had the Super-NES console. I mean i have Starfox Assault, and even though its a great game you get audio conformation yu just lost a wing... its just more like *Look* "How the hell did THAT happen!?"

i like alot

may i use this in a non flash game
possibly a fighting stage i was thinking all ff7 chars but if this is added i will oddly add star fox and make it like the ssb series

X-Infinity-Zero responds:

no prob. thats what its here for. just let me know when its done ;)

glad you liked it.