Reviews for "[StarFox Corneria] -Zero-"


Not that my English is bad, I just love to type like that^^

i love starfox

i like starfox nice song with it


personally this type of sound isn't for me, but concidering it was star fox, i did listen and i ended up loving it, it is very well done and i think you used all the right instruments and the consistency of the bleeps doesn't get annoying thank god.

You did a great job and the loop is very well done, even though it simply fades it gives the impression it's suddenly started again, that in it's self is a nice effect.

Good Job 9/10 5/5

Sounds Perfect...

I hope you dont mind if i use it for my flash?

X-Infinity-Zero responds:

nope go right ahead man.


I'm getting a laugh out of the guys below that havn't played Starfox 64, that's pretty much the gem of the series

The instruments in this are pretty obvious FL presets, but you did a kickass job with them


X-Infinity-Zero responds:

yea its weird that a lot of people havent played Starfox64 or the original Starfox for the snes. i mean you really havent played a real starfox game until uv played those.

yea i do use a lot of presets in a lot of my songs but i just havent taken the time to make my own sounds from the presets. i need to start doing that tho but i try to make the best out of the presets that are on FL.

thanks for the review.

glad you liked it.