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Reviews for "Pyrokinesis"

I liked it.

Reminds me of Raiden, or something. :3

Good job.

heh : D

this reminds me me alot of video game music
and i love video game type music : D
so a 5/5 and a 9/10 for you (a 9 cause it wasn't long enough for my liking >_>)


it sort of reminds me of the old NES games

Not Bad :)

I quite liked this song. Especially the introduction and the way you repeat the main part about 2/3 in.
My only criticism is that you never hold something without changing it for more than 8 beats! It gets a bit silly, because the song doesn't seem to be going anywhere. You have just changed something every 2 bars or so in a hope hope it will eventually lead on to something else. The song doesn't deviate really at all from the theme, and when it does it isn't for long enough.

If you didn't write this piece with such... i suppose a kind of fear that people will get bored if you don't change it quickly, it would be better overall. But that's just my interpretation; I'm probably completely wrong ;)
Techno songs are almost always fairly drawn out, taking ages to change things.

I like this piece the more I listen to it. (Which is a fair bit, seeing how I've had it on loop whilst writing this review)

Thumbs up from me

Billtog responds:

Thanks for the review. It's my first techno song, so I didn't really no what I was doing. I find a lot of techno here on the Audio Portal to be way too repetitive, so I tried to stay away from that, but doing so made it sound too transient. I've started working on another techno piece, and it's definitely going to have a main theme and such (you know, like songs are supposed to).


the precussion is really nice.overall it is pretty catchy. =]

Billtog responds:

Thank you, I'm told that percussion is my strong point.