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Reviews for "Pyrokinesis"

Is Jiggmin the only one who appreciates this song?

Seriously, I've GOTTA see this in more flashes. As SAROTH said, it would be great in a battle scene - perhaps a boss in an RPG.

great first attempt

It suits for a fight scene, that's for sure. Nice drums.

1st one, eh?

well, for a first, this definately aint bad. pretty good. its somethin you can learn off of. without restating the drum stuff, it just needs more. more thump and power. it is pretty video-gamish though. reminds me of the good ol' days. oh, and the end is kinda sudden. other than that, awesome.

Billtog responds:

I thought a song of this velocity warranted such a quick ending, but that's just me. I know the thump needs to be increased. I'm still looking for better drum sounds. Thanks for the review!

Interesting piece of work

I sounds dark and very video game like. My only suggestion is increase the volume of the drums a little bit. Not to make them over powering, just enough to make them more noticable.

Billtog responds:

I was having a bit of trouble with the drums in SynthFont. If I made them much louder, certain effects would over-power the entire music while others would be at perfect volume. I decided it was better to have them in the background than to be able to hear nothing else. Thanks for your review.

Its really good

It really does sound like more of video game music than techno but still is the best I ever heard.