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Reviews for "Pyrokinesis"

Oh i'm gettin crazy with this song!

i'll vote 10 i dance with this song!

Very good

I think this is a very good techno song, probably the best I've heard. The only thin about it that annoys me is this sick, disgusting sound that comes in after ten seconds, and then plays every 2 seconds. But besides some of the instruments being too dominant, it was perfect. I only know about its flaws because I've heard it so much while playing Platform Racing 2.

u did very good since this is ur first

i have to agree with madaxel, but this is very good, either this is beginers luck ur ur a natural


Tis awesome! Nice work.

Oh yeah.

You know what this really reminds me of? Sonic the Hedgehog. This would be perfect for one of those slower levels, like an underwater machine stage. Hmm, I have ideas brewing...