Reviews for "More tranquil waterfalls"


It really is. The light, the colors, everything is calming.

Kamikaye responds:

thx :)

very nice

wow, its so charming.
the colors and light are very nice.
i'd love to see some fireflys somewhere, that would be awesome =)

Wow, man

Cool lighting and coloring
Also, have you read any of Mary Stuart's books? Looks like some landscape from there.

Kamikaye responds:

thx :)

No I never read a book by her. I generally dont read any non-biological books anymore since I started studying ^^'

No constructive review...

Just... Amazing art...! That's all!

Keep it up ;)

You, my friend, are a wonderful artist! I just loved every part of this. The reason it's so good is because you try so hard for something that's so real. It makes you really appreciate how beautiful the world around us is. The entire thing just seems like a giant rainbow. A rainbow that's spread out everywhere.

It seems like Heaven is peeping from the clouds. That's simply a great thing to look at. I just now notice the river going off into the mountains. Was this based on a real place? I'm loving enough to know that something as wonderful as this can exist in real life. I love every bit of it!