Reviews for "Punch Out! Remix: Left Right"

A Great Piece of Music

This is such a good cover that if someone wanted to make their game more badass, they could just turn the volume off and listen to this while theyre beating glass joe's ass. 10/10 and 5/5 keep up the AWESOME work!


haha. Sounds kind of like something that would show up in a remake of this ga-

... nintendo marketing department- here I come.


Like everything else you make, this is made of 110% WIN.

And to think...

When the new Punch Out was released on Wii, they remade this tune. : D

Sweet remix

This was one cool remix you did of the Punch-Out theme,the one thing that stuck with me was it's electronica style at a fast pace which i don't think i have heard from in a Punch-Out remix at least not like this.

The syncing of all the beats & volume was done very well and the quality was great plus the song was at a good length in nearly two minutes long to make it solid,overall i enjoyed this remix very much so keep up the great work man. =D