Reviews for "allpro VS zoro"



Heres ALLpro

ALLpro teh fuck was that?? I was waiting for a fight and well mate it didnt happen... None teh less i still enjoyed meself and after knowing you on teh bbs can sorta understand that... I dont even know why I am writing this... might go off and have a wank.... I guess Im just bored shitless and it is piss bucketing down outside... well I will be going now... have a good one mate..


Being one of Zoros mates i can say that was a great movie! LALALA!


ok in the sequel i want to kick your ass... cuz that would be really funny. so like you kick zoro's ass then ill kick yours. good idea?
ummm oh yea something constructive... hahahaha it was really funny.

allpro responds:

oh okay then thanks :)


i like the shirt