Reviews for "allpro VS zoro"




Being one of Zoros mates i can say that was a great movie! LALALA!

I'm truly happy this movie was made yet...

...I'm truly hurt to the very bone.

Good work, I'll have to return the favour : )

allpro responds:

sorry for the almsot total lack of effort but ifelt YOU deserved it !

Heres ALLpro

ALLpro teh fuck was that?? I was waiting for a fight and well mate it didnt happen... None teh less i still enjoyed meself and after knowing you on teh bbs can sorta understand that... I dont even know why I am writing this... might go off and have a wank.... I guess Im just bored shitless and it is piss bucketing down outside... well I will be going now... have a good one mate..


Okay that was cool but who is zoro (well i know i looked it up) but this movie made no sense i mean none of mine make any sense but atleast this was good