Reviews for "allpro VS zoro"


if j3n is in the sequel so am i.

allpro responds:

damnit you people... well im hard at work on the sequal i jsut need somw idea who you and j3n wanna be drawn bitch. ....

101010101010 yeah ideserved thoes tens... no... maybe in sound but thats it


ok in the sequel i want to kick your ass... cuz that would be really funny. so like you kick zoro's ass then ill kick yours. good idea?
ummm oh yea something constructive... hahahaha it was really funny.

allpro responds:

oh okay then thanks :)

that was pretty good

its better if you know who da people is, so i liked it

it was humorous in its own way


Your self indulgence sickens me. Other than the fact that this movie serves no purpose whatsoever. Please refrain from making any flash sumbmissions for the rest of your sad life.

allpro responds:

lets analyse this
'Your self indulgence sickens me.'
good be sick, really why would i care? secondly hows this selfindulgenct? i mean i made this becase zoro requested it... i could even say it was selfless... but i wont... then you said 'Other than the fact that this movie serves no purpose whatsoever.' firstly you cant start a sentance with the word other, your making a new statmnet that doent pertain to the previous one if it did use a comma not a period... anywho you could say "Further this Movie serves no purpose" the whatsoever isnt needed at all and its accualy 3 words what so ever like that 'Please refrain from making any flash sumbmissions for the rest of your sad life.' Oh okay sinice you asked nicely and you were so constructive in your vague critisisms er wait you wernt you did not make anysence.... oh well looks like ill have to continue...

i did have a purpose in making this film its stated in the film it also entertaind me like i said it would as youve proven one again you dont make anysence ever at all for christes sakes man. i mean did you not accualy study hard to learn english as a second language? well i guess you should hit the books again. but then thers that whole non existan logic problem you have you go on and on wiht no point what the hell is wrong wiht you people that like to critises and hate wildly are usualy from difincutinal familys but who isnt these days so i guess what im saying its your fault your a stupid child and i really dont even feel sorry for somone as pathetic as you becase you wont even bother to read any of this nor will it make any sence to you you never defend yourself when somone tells you your not making sence your such a child. grow up.

i am....

I am going to give it a 3.
Surly come on The animation sucked. and there no story.. Just wanted to ad.... Whhahahahahaha Zoro Yo ass has been kicked