Reviews for "Heavy area music"


It's sounds epic, but not too serious or desperate =D
As to what scenario it belongs to in my opinion: I think this song fits best in the scene from House of 1000 Cats. So it's not a military base per se, but certainly something highly secured.

you know what, I think I'll give this a shot as Tank music in Left4Dead! ;)
That may be the creepy atmosphere you're talking about ^^

Liau responds:

hehe I dont think it has enough constant awesome like the "metal l4d soundpack" does... it needs more of an upbeat chase for that...
Thanks :D

Boss theme

No doubt. I like it, it doesn't really sound so much creepy as kind of foreboding.

Liau responds:

thats probably the word I was looking for ^^

Boss ahead.

Boss theme.

Liau responds:

:D thanks!

Really Good

Not bad im going to try this on CC (Cortex Command). Its got a good beat and the sounds are nice. I also agree with LiL1MavericK but like he said. anything wrong with it is ignored because of the quality of the entire song. Bravo.

Liau responds:

:D thanks! enjoy!

First thought

Was BOSS BATTLE! it fits perfectly. good job.

Liau responds:

:D Thanks!