Reviews for "Heavy area music"

Lone survivor

yeah. this is a "last man standing" song. gives adrenaline and kinda takes you to the stage where you feel indestructable...
when i listen to this song i space out in thoughts.
it's sweet music for the ears, thanks for making this

You rock!

Awesome music man! Keep up the good work!

Awesome sound

This song gives me ATK +1.

Listen to it while gaming. Seriously. Hits hard where it should. Nothing too soft to spoil the feeling of badassery.


This song is really good, i found it very addictive due to the deep beats from the drums and heavy guitar notes, well done

Think bein' in the milita...

In, um like... Afghanistan example. After half an hour, youre the last one alive of your team. Youre surronded. And youre out of ammo. What yer do? You call on a guitar from heaven(or hell...), You play this, you fucking rock everything, you have a gigantick rock festival, you escape. Or something like that.... XD Anyway, if nothing else, just play this damn good song while pwning enemies, as it gives an adrenaline bonus? :D.