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Reviews for "R.A.G.N.A.R.O.K."

Love this one!



This is good!! 5 and 10!!


This song has helped me punch out the number to my physics exam. You need to make a CD titled "techno songs to study too" or something, w/e, I'm not creative. Anywho, 10/10, 5/5, the usual kudos. Keep up the awesome work.


The summary is just what comes to mind when I hear this. It sounds like your everyday final level MMZ song... Except that you have 1 HP, there are no healing items, and there are a TON of enemies. An epic final level song, and a rating that shows RESPECT.

Thoughts about a scene

I look up at my creation, shocked at the monster it became. This is my fault. Time to correct a mistake.
with a primal energy, i throw myself at the demon. He will pay for what he has done! in a way, so shall I. But that would be a small price to pay for saving the world.