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Reviews for "R.A.G.N.A.R.O.K."

must have this...

i must have this. i'm trying to stock up on songs i can use for my flash animations.

anyway. i love this. it's got a ton of energy, and if newgrounds could just fix that tiny looping glitch, i'd listen to this all day. it really gets my mind working.

INSPIRATIONAL!!! you, my friend, have just helped me with a college paper.


i reviewd this ealier and it got deleted cause all i did was type letters didnt know you couldent do that. anyways great song really is i love it your my top fav artist keep upi the good work plz.


I was looking through my old reviews, and I noticed that I had reviewed a lot of your songs in the past. Now, I decided to do it again, but this time with much more experience.

First off, the mixing wasn't great. You should have EQed up the low end of the song to emphasize the kick, it was almost unhearable under the synths. An alternative would be to cut the high off the kick, and slap a maximizer on it to increase its sound.

The synths were not amazing, but they worked. It felt like one of those over-melodic trance tunes.

You need to learn one thing, though. Tension and Release are the most important parts of a song. It MUST build, and break, or it will be boring. This song kinda kept going, with some minor builds along the way.

Overall, the harmony and melody were nice, but I don't think that the orchestral hits really fit.

Aside from this criticism, I think that you have improved greatly, and are becoming a better artist than most of NG. If you use FL, I might want to collab with you... I too am much better than I was in January.

Overall, it was a nice song, much better than most NG songs, but the mixing was somewhat lacking, and there was no mastering at all. (Wiki mastering, it is not the same as mixing). Overall, 9/10.


This is good!! 5 and 10!!