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Reviews for "Letter For A Missing Friend"

YOU DID IT. Whoever is reading this, seriously go check Kyu's other stuff. Straight up fast and hectic melodic EDM/Dubstep. It's great driving music.

Nice dude, I love the the message of the song that you "sent" through the notes of the music. Gives me that chills.

Love the half-timed dubstep-y parts. The contrast between the hard sounding glitchy fx and piano/pads is an awesome vibe. Also damn those bass slides. 10/10

i had to listen to this cuz at the time it ony had 69 listens, and i just couldnt have that XD

but now i think it was sign from the gods cuz this song is a blessing! 10/10 was worth it, I absolutly the thicc bass at the end.


You made this in UNDER FIVE HOURS? This would’ve taken me a week at least! Amazing