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Reviews for "Super Mario Killer Jump"

Don't know what to say

Just: Ha ha ha, great one!

Ewwwwwwww, lol.

That was so gross, but so funny in a totally disturbing way, hahaha. Brownie points for sprite animation!! Good job!!

You nearly killed me!

I laughed hardly and hardly, I cryin' so much! I feel sore after laugh! It was so nice to see my past experience of Video games, i still remember to play this game! But you remind this to me, i feel i should play it again by now! Cheers!

Oh yeah!

You sir...are the MAN! I haven't laughed at an NG movie like that in a long time. Bring it on!

that was so stupid

it was so stupid it was funny LOL something I would do if I was high LOL
Ng Punk Jennifer