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Reviews for "Super Mario Killer Jump"

this one is cool!

i like this one, mostly i like the part where mario's body gets blown to pieces!!!


I like it when Mario jumps high into the block and his body blow into pieces.

smart quickie

this was pretty clever. worth a short laugh. one thing i noticed is that the koopa doesnt fall of the edges. red koopas can only protect themselves from falling.

No lie from the last dude

Infact, this was the 1st flash i saw on ebaum. Ever since i learned that he's steeling i dispise the website.

Anyway good job. It was a funny parody, and the blood really made it stick to the idea. I like how his head grows at the end.
But i still like mario...O well i can take a joke.

Some info

I saw this on ebaumsworld.
eric baumen stole this from you.