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Reviews for "Super Mario Killer Jump"

all ages?!?!

my lil nephew of 7 years old likes 2 see mario movies n stuff, but this is not suitable for 7 year old boys!
(good that i watched it before my nephew did0_o)

LOL Mushroom

Well, Pretty Good Except,You Stole This From "Sam" Or He Stole It Off You!


Mario looks like an amish from de front XD

A quick question....(SPOILER)

And I have no idea if anyone else before me brought this up, because I am a newbie.

But... if Mario's head hit the block, why is it that his body exploded, while his head remained perfectly intact?

Pretty good, funny too!!

This flash was funny, like when the mushroom makes Mario's head grow larger, LOL!!! Anyway, pretty average, kinda short, but that's ok!