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Reviews for "The Newgrounds Voice Acting Collaboration 2020"

This needs to be at least a monthly thing... then we need a newgrounds podcast.


Sir-Jeffers responds:

a NG podcast would be awesome! id be interested in it for sure

Fro responds:

There's multiple podcasts on newgrounds, including an official newgrounds podcast that gets posted to the front page monthly!

VoicesByCorey responds:

If we did a monthly show, we would need a lot of hands on deck for production, but that we be cool! Make sure you check out @TheNewgroundsPodcast! I actually was on it recently to promote this collab! Thank you for listening and showing your support! :D

Awesome effort all, now I just gotta find the time to listen to it all! Pretty pretty please with sugar on top _and_ a cherry think of me for the next edition

Xoxo <3

VoicesByCorey responds:

You’re already penciled in Dee! :D Looking forward to having you as a member of the next NGVAC! Thank you for your support!!!!

This is the only thing keeping me from rejecting Humanity and returning to monke

VoicesByCorey responds:

Humanity isn’t all too bad! Hopefully this was the proof you needed XD Thank you for listening!


VoicesByCorey responds:

Niiiiiice :) Thank you for listening and showing your support!

Oh man! The amount of people in this puts newgrounds.com/audio/listen/992468
To shame!
Great work everyone!