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Reviews for "The Newgrounds Voice Acting Collaboration 2020"

Great work everyone!

VoicesByCorey responds:

Thank you Danny! :D

Ey great job folks! Wow, what a project!

VoicesByCorey responds:

Thank you Gianni! Would love to have you on the next one if you’re inclined! :D

I am so blown away by how much work was put in by these crazy talented people! The audio production, the editing, the performances, the different variety of skits involved! So honored and proud to have been a part of this.

Shoutout to Rebel-AmongRebels for writing The Last Question! It turned out great, and the production was awesome, thanks Corey!

VoicesByCorey responds:

Thank you so much for being a part of this Jone! Your performance in The Last Question was fantastic! We’ll need to get you in more skits for the next one!

Good job guys!

"That's exactly how a dumb, stupid, nerdy, oafish, pathetic loser would sound like." [10:36]

Woah, didn't see that coming [23:00]

Power R... I mean, Thunder Riders! [56:27]

Had a lot of trouble keeping a straight face during the Italian funeral. [1:09:00] :P

Elmo (and friends)! Cookie Monster is my favorite letter. [1:20:56]

Wait, this is a yearly thing? Awesome! (sorry for all the edits, I had Newgrounds open twice and it ate some of it)

VoicesByCorey responds:

Thank you so much for listening and showing your support! I’m glad you got a kick out In the Booth! The ending always gets me too 😊 The Italian Sob is hard to keep a straight face! It sounds like it would be serious, but the puns just eliminate the seriousness altogether! XD

Spadezer responds:

I love that you love cookie monster!

Im happy about that. Voice actors on newgrounds need more recination because they need to have all the time their voice for every action that the character does. I never really was a fan of voice actors but i still appreciate them as they are still a part of this amazing community

VoicesByCorey responds:

We agree too! That’s why we put this together so the voice actors of Newgrounds can get the recognition they deserve! There’s so many talented VAs here and their voices need to be heard! Thank you for listening!