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Reviews for "Ad Astra"

You my friend have mastered the bass synth effects. Keep at it! It's sounding really amazing

I also gotta point out that your equalizing is near perfect! Not too little, but not too much bass, along with a good treble balance.

sounds great, i love the dreaminess of it all


I can see the effort put in this, but I'm not a fan of everything until the parts like 1:24. Everything other than 1:24 sounds very unprofessional, sorry. If you were going for chillstep, it could have been more ambient and more like future garage in a way. Maybe some reverbed piano.

Zip-Zap-Official responds:

Thanks for the review. Sorry that you didn't enjoy it.
This was my own interpretation of chillstep; if I'll be honest, I had no idea what genre I was going for, exactly, so maybe "chillstep" is not the best way to describe it. I didn't want to use pianos too much for this track because I thought it was too cliche, so I opted for guitars instead. All in all, it's an experiment, and not meant to be professional. Then again, this is Newgrounds; what *is* professional?

Meh, it was ok.

Zip-Zap-Official responds:

Anything to improve on? Please send me a message :)