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Reviews for "Almost Orgasmic"

I think the genre was done very well. Besides the sound design was also very good.

Quarl responds:

Thanks lovely :)


Quarl responds:

Lol, hella.

Super nice track! Keep up the good work! The snare sounds amazing

Quarl responds:

Can't help but hear the snare on mobile phone speakers thinking I went too loud with a layer at certain times. Thanks for the kudo though, it helps :)

Wow i like this
Good Work ^^

Quarl responds:

thanks foxy

Yooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! Had no idea you sampled my voice! I dig this so much! XD Thanks for incorporating me into your track! :D

Edit: Don’t worry about that! I really like what you did with the sample and the track is absolutely awesome! The beat works so well! Feel free to reach out anytime!

Quarl responds:

I'm so happy to hear it. I'll shoot you a credit in the track. Sorry for not reaching out, I'm super introverted.