Reviews for "Blam Another Day"


I just can't get enough of CC.

007-CC-Tomorrow's Nobodies = KICKASS

Really I'm just a TN Fane and i Love 007 Movies so..yeah WHOO HOO anyway

ur 13??

no way ur 13, man... unless you skip school and sit in ur room all day screwin with flash! this rox, man. it has clocks. it has 007. what else could i ask for? maybe some music from metallica would be a great addition...


But I have a few questions:

- How the fuck is Raspberry/Turfclock supposed to drive??
- They're in American right? (Judging by the desert they are) And so why did they drive on the left side of the road??

deadly fucking deadly

again fucking deadly

p.s.. dont vote unless u see all the movie deadly movie and dont review if u hate clocks Duh fuck faces