Reviews for "Blam Another Day"

best movie ever

in a few years you will make a movie better than teh void!

VanilllaCokeClock responds:

:O You think so? That would be fun...

very nice.

looks like you put a lot of work into this film, I gave you a 5, very good job.

btw, I enjoyed watching this as well as a lot of other people apparently since you recieved a score of 3.85 so far, keep making movies, good day to you.

VanilllaCokeClock responds:

Thanks for the 5, and all. Good day to you too :)

Really good!

Clock crew movies rock.

w00t all the way!!

this was pure great!
ofcourse things cud b betta but i still luved it!

WOah this is freaky

i turned on my tv while watching this and die another day james bond is one spike tv

woah thats messed up

for the sheer freakiness of that i vote 5

awesome job on the movie everything rocked
thou the voices a lil off
but overall its awesome work