Reviews for "Blam Another Day"


SUP BRUZ dis flash movie was da bomb cant wait to see da next 1 :D can u plzzzzz make a movie about a italian :)

Thats good

That was well good, it shows that a 13 year old kid has just gone and beaten half of the 30 year old programmers that put cartoons and games up here

Very Good.

I haven't seen the new Bond-movie ,but I'll bet 100 to 1 that this is better.


For the most part, it was an excellent movie. The only thing I can say is sometimes your backgrounds were not that great and sometimes the music was louder than when they were trying to speak and I couldnt hear what they were saying. But other than that, really good job!

Tut was G R E A T

Dude i know what a good movie is when i see one but this one surpass everything i coulda got in mind Gj dude and make more ^^