Reviews for "Blam Another Day"


Whoever thinks that you guys suck should be BLAMMED

excellent movie man...

i loved it,i hope to be an animator soon also.
p.s:heart the fact that tommorows nobody's was in it.

Best clock crew movie ever

this has to be one of the best movies on NG
clock crew movies usually suck but this i can make an exception
the ending did kinda suck


I'll give it one thumbs up. ClockCrew movies normally suck.


Only a clock can make something this good, and only have a 3.66 for it :) So I've made a little chart:

4.00+ = 5.00
3.00-3.99 = 4.50
2.00-2.99 = 3.50
1.00-1.99 = 2.50
0.00-0.99 = 1.50

I hope this helps! Rock on Clocks.