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Reviews for "Pengoon"

Ok if anyone gave this EPIC drawing lower than 10.

U SUCK! because this drawing is amazing!!!!!!!

I love it

Wow this is very neat, the penguin and the man riding it wow i have played many games with creatures and never thought this idea would come up, but here you have presented us with a unique and very creative one, so props to you on the creativity of this, and on top of that you have a great use of textures colors and design, i think the onlything that really bothered me throughout this whole piece was that its all too "BLUE-ISH" now i know its a cold and ice place but it all is the simaular color maybe if the penguin was a differant color maybe even an orange or green it might help focus on the creature more, well just an idea there but overall you have a "FANTASTIC" art piece here, and i am looking forward to more of your work.

Change the color of the creature a red, orange or even green might help put more focus on him and away from all the blue you have


Very interesting.

My only suggestion is that snow tends to be very reflective and will contain much more white than blue. The entire drawing could be brighter.

I looked at the teeth and the size of the penguin and was like woah, then I saw that it still had flippers for arms and lol'ed. I'm pretty sure an angry polar bear could still wipe the floor with it if all the penguin can do is slap, though I'm not sure how you could make it more threatening. Bipedal creatures tend not to be the most balanced or fast either.

interesting concept, very interesting drawing. good work.


It is a great picture, makes me wish that all penguins were like that. The only thing that bothered me was that the penguin has teeth.

Freakin awesome.

I love it great concept & depiction.
Two thumbs up. :)