Reviews for "Shakedown (Chiptune)"


Incredible 8-bit work! Keep it up! d(^.^)b

8-Bit greatness

This was an awesome 8-bit track you made here and i think it would go perfect as a Megaman theme or at least that's the style it had,the quality was great and the beats mixed up very well so overall it was very enjoyable to listen to and i would like it more than once,keep up the great work. =D

Lol Awesome!

This sound's like a song that you would hear in Mr.Gaming Whach


stronge one!!


Every time I complain about something i hate that's huge like Justin Bieber or Glee, i always say that on a multinational level, there's a standard of quality to meet. This just reset the standard, and it's NOT EVEN MULTIANTIONAL.
Thus, the "Wut."
Thank you for restoring my faith in Humanity's Epicness.