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Reviews for "Random Outcome"

Such a bop!

Very well thought out and keeping with the brief. Great collaboration!
I would add the brief to the Author Comments, I'm sure this would score higher if people see what you've nailed :)

EODTC responds:

Oh i made this by myself the people i mentioned were just part of a group i was assigned to
for the challenge

so they are doing there own challenge songs

I really liked this! It def has a progression and the ride is pretty wild, but very fun!

I love the unique percussion elements all over the place. It really fills the piece out!

If I had one critique to give, it would be that some parts of your melodies seem a little meandering and clash a little with the chord progression at times.

For example, you set up 2:33 so well to be this epic open section with the synth pads in the back, but to me, the melody doesn't propel this feeling forward because it feels like its meandering around rather than taking the lead and really hitting home.

Take what I said with a grain of salt, since the brief talks about randomness a lot so it might have been what you were going for, and if so great job!

This is interesting, I can see this being a boss theme to a pixel turned based rpg game.
The unique drum patterns, wobble bass synths, and note progression of the lead really come together and sets the mood that what your fighting is something not of that world, creating a really unpredictable foe. Nice job dude!

EODTC responds:

Thx m8

(VGM Challenge Category Review)
(Score is hidden as standard for all entries in the category)

Now when I'm listening to this piece a few times throughout the month, there was something that those particular design choices sort-of reminded me of in theme. After abit of time reflecting upon it, the one place where I can imagine this sliding right in at home would be in Starbound's FrackinUniverse Mod, preferably for a Cyber Sphere biome planet or similar in a randomised planet, perhaps at the surface of the planet, or just beneath it where some of the mini-boss like NPC's may reside.

I don't have much to say on production and mixing elements of the track as-is, as it's pretty well-done. Design choices are pretty straight forward and merge together well in context of how the entire piece comes together.

While I think it's abit of a stretch in regards to it fitting as something 'Pseudonatural/Outer Planes' beyond a few certain cybernetic generations, the track itself does certainly sound 100% like Game Music and something where I could hear it in an environment as mentioned in the first paragraph and think that it's selectively chosen for that particular environment. I do feel slightly bad though that this is one of the shorter reviews, although in other ways that's ok as there's not much for me to nitpick at about certain bits I supposes haha