Reviews for "Mezmerize Me"

like it


Really amazing.

I love finding random gems on Newgrounds. For some reason, this made me think of the music of Silent Hill. Only with an up-beat mix to it.

Though, there seem to be this odd sound that begins at 00:34, which ends at 01:06. It sounds like your violently picking a guitar? The sound seemed abit "rusty" for my liking. But I really did enjoy the song.


thats simply awesome! Sounds like credits music at the end of a movie...
10/10 great work

It's Good!

It's a good song but l like fast paced techno to be honest and this was a little slow for me. Otherwise good tune but could be longer.

Pretty cool!!

SO good, but can do something else, I love the sound of this, a little more fast, well anyway, I do appreciate this, so Keep working..... Wish the best lucks. Says this. XDXDXD