Reviews for "Mezmerize Me"

like it



Nice use of FL, It's pretty obvious that Slayer can be used effectivly, but a little lower on guitar volume could result in better quality (Also, tune the AUTO guitar's velocity). Check my song out! It has a good example of slayer too, but has less dynamic.

Good work man, I hope you can make something even better!

Impressive Work!

The beginning DID mezmerize me! I was just going to scan through the songs looking for a good one to compare with ours, and this one just caught my attention. Your guitars sound great, and without a doubt, they operate efficiently. Although, it seems a little too loud, and minor distortion would be the worst thing.

Overall grade? 9.

Good job, nal1200! I appreciate your submission to NG and I truly enjoyed it!

-Dan, of HRM


Guitars sound a bit distorted, but otherwise I love this. Great play, great combination and a fantastic rythem as well. No flaws to be found, keep up the great work!



VERY nice man! I'm liking this.. haha should add some lyrics or something. Overall its pretty bad ass! Keep it up!

nal1200 responds:

Haha, thanks!