Reviews for "Paroxym- MidNight"

Good stuff

This is good high energy stuff. This sounds like something from an underground street car race movie.

Very Nice

Nice layered break you got going, the musicality reminds me heavily of Matrix & Futurebound.

I think maybe some kind of electric guitar riff or a really warm sub bass (not very grungey) would help carry the track. Overall, very nice.

very nice

very good job on this i like the bells in the background and the beat really fits your melody.

my only criticism and don't take this the wrong way i love this song is to make a bit more of a complex beat.

hope to hear more from you

Sweet! This is WHAT I like to hear :P

Very slick Intelligent drum n bass :)

It sounds amazing and professional. You hear this kinda stuff on Bassdrive radio, I think you should try and get signed with this.

You used the same melodies which normally would make a song repetitive, but the way you mixed it up made it complex.

I cant think of much to say right now. But this is awesome :D

Just keep making This and you'll be signed in no time.

Ever tried Ol' skool Jungle? I think you'd be pretty good at that too.

9/10 5/5. You deserve it man :)