Reviews for "Paroxym- MidNight"

Sweet! This is WHAT I like to hear :P

Very slick Intelligent drum n bass :)

It sounds amazing and professional. You hear this kinda stuff on Bassdrive radio, I think you should try and get signed with this.

You used the same melodies which normally would make a song repetitive, but the way you mixed it up made it complex.

I cant think of much to say right now. But this is awesome :D

Just keep making This and you'll be signed in no time.

Ever tried Ol' skool Jungle? I think you'd be pretty good at that too.

9/10 5/5. You deserve it man :)

very nice

very good job on this i like the bells in the background and the beat really fits your melody.

my only criticism and don't take this the wrong way i love this song is to make a bit more of a complex beat.

hope to hear more from you


Dude, this is excellent. Sounds great, something very chill and funky. Hospital Records sounding stuff here.

Nice work.

Paroxym responds:

thanx man ive got more to come.


This is just beautiful! I love the bass and the rhythm. It's really catchy. ^_^


wow im definetly fellin it! download and 5