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Reviews for "-Showdown-"

This song needs an epic fight to accompany it.

This is total final boss music (if it's a human antagonist anyway). Definitely epic. Definitely your best yet. Can't wait for more.

Oh shi-!

I see myself in an enemy base, having snuck myself into the datacore room, where I get the information I need and inser ta virus into their computers, but right as I do this, a guard spots me. Acting quickly, I bolt out of the roopm, but now I gotta get out of there. Nowhere to hide, my only resort is to run. DAshing through the corridors, bullets flying, sirens blazing, my only thought is whether or not I can complete my mission.

Wow brilliant!

Is it Ok if i use this for a school vid I'm making? Thanks!

Ooooh I'd love this to be in Super Mario Bros.

Its excellent,hope Alvin trips over this masterpiece.


The only problem is that there are audio pops every so often with headphones on..It's preventing me from putting this song in my favorites T_T