Reviews for "-Showdown-"


great music man i love it!!

Waterflame responds:

dont really know what to say but.. thanks! :D glad you liked it :)


Sounds cool, would be good for a game. The beat is cool too, and it's great all around so I'm voting 5. Noticed you also had a song called Storm, that one's great too, and it's interesting because I was gonna submit something soon called Apocalypse Storm. What software do you use?

Waterflame responds:

thank you! yeah i also think it woul have been cool in a game or movie, thats kinda why i gave it the text too :) ill look after the apocalypse storm then ;D

i use fruity loops studio 5. i know 7 is out, but i kinda prefer 5. XD

Now THIS is good techno.

I don't understand how other songs got a higher rating than this one, when this is the first one I've truly liked in a long while from the techno list. this track is bad-ass.

Can't stop listening to this song!!!

This song kicks butt! Perfect for any kind of epic one-vs.-one battle...I may use this piece if I ever submit any of my own stuff on NG, 'cause it'll make it that much more awesome! Rock on!

Amazing. Very catchy.

Very good song. I specially liked the introduction. How the song catches its rythim.
Keep making songs please.
Your song has been posted in a youtube video:
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