Reviews for "-Showdown-"

Can't stop listening to this song!!!

This song kicks butt! Perfect for any kind of epic one-vs.-one battle...I may use this piece if I ever submit any of my own stuff on NG, 'cause it'll make it that much more awesome! Rock on!


that may be my fav song by you besides hilbilly breakout and 8 bit clouds

good song...

but does someone say <<radio dreadzone>>?
if so, why?
well, anyway so was it an awesom perfect song.

filthy, dawg

doesnt he say 'right here right now'?

good intro, but a bit repetitive

oh and nice 'whoosh' at the very end

Insane how this hasn't been used in a flash...

It's absolutely perfect for a flash cartoon action scene... why has no one used it?!