Reviews for "-Showdown-"

You become part of it..

Close your eyes and you can see your adversary as you stare one another down.. As the tension builds you and he charge at one another, and the moment your blades collide the struggle for supremacy ensues afterward.

Exceptional. Words can't go the length to explain the experience for the listener. Period.

sweet song

dude i love this song. if u make more song like this i thik u can get #1

RAVE! Best song I heard for a long time!

FAVOURITED! Yaman this is so cool i can't stop hearing it...

Umm... Holy f**k :P

What an awesome song, thanks! If its ok with you, I used it in a movie trailer I made for my new movie. I might use it for the movie itself as well.
Its here: http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=YWMvBdA O9Xk

The song though, was extremely catchy, slick, and the beat was awesome... I'll be sure to check out more from you!

You got it!

Sound Quality: 10/10 (I dinĀ“t hear something bad)
Sound Speed: 9/10 (a little bit fast, but i like it)
Song Length: 10/10 (2:30-3:30 is for me the best)
Song Start: 9/10 (nice but i hear better once)
Song Highpoint: -/10 (is there one in?)
Song End: 6/10 ( not really good but ok)
Overall Rating: 9/10 /5/5

I downloaded it. ^^