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Reviews for "-Showdown-"


The only problem is that there are audio pops every so often with headphones on..It's preventing me from putting this song in my favorites T_T

So you are Waterflame!

I never heard about you until you met this guy! JimtopiaDotNet if my memory is right!

Sweeeeet. my kind of stuff. :)

Cool song Maby i'll use it in a flash someday...

Amazing. Very catchy.

Very good song. I specially liked the introduction. How the song catches its rythim.
Keep making songs please.
Your song has been posted in a youtube video:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuoWDE 0akFg&feature=sub

Oh shi-!

I see myself in an enemy base, having snuck myself into the datacore room, where I get the information I need and inser ta virus into their computers, but right as I do this, a guard spots me. Acting quickly, I bolt out of the roopm, but now I gotta get out of there. Nowhere to hide, my only resort is to run. DAshing through the corridors, bullets flying, sirens blazing, my only thought is whether or not I can complete my mission.