Reviews for "Lighting A Candle"

Get out your lighters people! Or cell phones...

This fits perfectly with an animation called the composer, both very beautiful and pure. It's just great!


I have never heard a Song that is so strong and pretty as this one. I have nothing bad to say to this song. Its calming, i see a pitcher a story to this song!

close to the purest form of the beauty of life

as personified by your music. You are a gifted composer to be able to convey such emotion. You are music's next yanni a prodegy.The best on newgrounds by far.
Where were you trained musically? Who are your influences? Please don't tell me you have no formal training and that you are self taught.


Haven't they asked you to make the music for lord of the rings?(or for Halo)
This is simply fantastic

Absolutely beautiful.

This piece makes me think of a scene like this:

You get a call from your friend's sister, she tells you to come over to your friend's house immediately. You make it over to the house and when you get in, your friend is lying on a bed, seemingly happy, but also in pain. When you go over, he notices you and his face lights up, but his eyes just tell of a greater pain. You ask him what the problem is, he replies "Nothing, I'm just kinda sick..". You tell him you don't believe him and he replies again (This is around 1:00 in the song, just after the thunder) "I'm dying. I don't know how or why, but I can feel I'm dying." Then, up until 1:30, you're trying to come to grips with this fact, your eyes starting to water. Your friend then utters his final words: "We had fun, bro, didn't we?" and draws his final breath. You feel intense pain at his passing, but you are happy that he died without showing you how in pain he was. You choke out a few words to his now-lifeless corpse: "Yeah bro, we had fun. Goodbye."

That's what that represents to me. Now, I'm on the verge of crying after writing that.

A beautiful piece. Just beautiful.