Reviews for "Lighting A Candle"

A Stunning song for a Stunning Talent

Beautiful. Touching. Somehow, with my perverted mind I think of one of those really touching sex scenes they show in movies, and then it like turning into more. a battle or something. So it like, starts out as end-of-the-world sex and goes to the last battle. Which is really, really sad. XD I love your music. Awe inspiring and inspirational period. Gets me in the mood to write, which, as known to every writer, is sacred.

its good....

i like medal more but im crying!


I am a man of little emotion, hardly touched by anything I see on the news. While I may say how horrible problems are, I do not blink a tear. Listening to this, however, tears seemed to shed easily. I cannot describe the beauty of this song in mere words, but if I had to limit my description, I would call it a vivid display of emotion expressed through beautiful classic sounds in a world where most people would not bother with such music. This song is one of the rightful definitions of music.


I'm going trough all your classics again. This one I never heard a lot.. I have no idea why.
I'm now hearing it for the 6th time in a row, and it's still rising :D
It's a beautiful songs, I love the vocals, the piano underneath these vocals.. and the combination of these 2.

Mixed emotion...In a good way

I loved the way this went from sounding so sad in the begining, to hopeful to happy, loving and then back around again.
It makes e think of someones last few moments alive, flashing back through their life, or remebering a lost love.
So touching.
So encaptivating.
So good!