Reviews for "Lighting A Candle"


love the song. it's very pretty. makes you feel at peace. can be used for a peaceful or a sad theme. thats what makes it great. keep it up ^,.,^


this is just perfect.

Great song

Its an awesome song But it tells me a story.
You wake up one day but something feels different.After awhile you figure it out you havent seen your dog all day.You begin to worry you think the Your dog is gone for good.You begin to feel tears in your eyes.You look outside and you see some grass that has been pushed down. its #:30 so you follow the Marks in the grass.
Then you see it. your dog lying there his foot is broken. You slowly pick up your dog and look in the sky and thank god for helping you.But when you went to the vet you wonder how did your dog get outside?


That's all that needs to be said about this song...

Good Song

A little too sad for my liking though... :'(