Reviews for "Lighting A Candle"

youve probably had alot of stories.. like Core

A man sits in the hospital next to bed his young daughter lays in, watching her sleep for the first time in many weeks peacfully. Her doctor comes in quietly for her nightly checkup, waking her glently. the man looks up with hope, but the doctor just shakes his head silently and leaves. tears start streaming down his face, watching as his little girl starts to nod for the last time.

"dont cry, daddy, I'm fine. I'll be alright" as it begins to rain, a crack of thunder signaling the downpour.

"How can I not cry?" he ask smiling, his tears comming even harder "even the heavens cry for you."

She smiles weakly, closing her eyes just for a second, which turns into minutes, and finally hours. And her single father weeps, alone lisening to the rain.


Imagine this.

You get a call from your best friend, and he is sick. You ask "Bro whats wrong?" He says its nothing, and you stay. Around Midnight your sitting on a chair next to his bed. Hes beginning to die, and you know. He says "Good times man, And I love you bro." Drawing his last breath he dies. And as your response, as tears fill your eyes the go down your cheek, you respond "Yeah...we did...And I love you too."

Perfect for a scene like that. And this is amazing

Theimages your music creates...

..is even better than reality.

Thank you.

For being you.

For being beautiful.


Love it, made me think.
Beautiful :)
You ROCK! (in your own style)

Just beautiful

I really love your music, I think you're a great composer.
Love the atmosphere in this piece, so calm, so relaxing...