Reviews for "- Lo-Ca$h Virtue -"

loved it!

vice faction intro 4 used it!

this is crazy as hell

man this makes me wanna go home and make some beats


I know this is old as da hillz but fuck man that's epic!

Geezez Khrist!

GAWD THIS track kicks so much ass, its impossible to say. This song makes you wanna just start rappin, but seriously, this track would be perfection with some lyrics. BUT ANYWAYS IT STILLS KICKS ASS, and i listen to it about...eh..idk..5,000,000
times a day? lol nah man im kiddin, PEACE


Fresssh As Hell B

yo wats good B i was checkin yo track and i was wondering if you wouldnt mind me spitin on it so hit me back if you wouldnt mind working together peace out
much <3 frm $$$R3ACT$$$