Reviews for "- Lo-Ca$h Virtue -"


nice shit man. realy sick sound. keep up the good shit.

Breeze was here

Yeah, finally some diversity in this bitch!
Tha track is loco, got a crazy club bump!
I agree with Cajete on tha auality of soe sounds and u guys do need work work on tha mixing and mastering a lil bit more. Outside of these minor draw backs, i think u dude got a crazy track!!!! all this shit needs is some crazy lyrics and ya'll are good money!


GREAT Melody... But your quality needs major improvment. You have alot of bass distortion and most the the instruments are very low bitrate quality. The pizz for example, I couldn't help to feel them being a little to "cheap". Change those up and I'm 100% sure it will brighten up the track. The drums could be a little more diverse. Maybe mroe drops or snare rolls. Great song though man. Just giving some constructive critque.

this is some good stuff man

One day when i grow up i want to be hip hop thug like you!

all jokes asaid man, good job! this is realy realy good the base was kicking and the it flowed i could totaly hear this on the radio man! keep going bro keep going after your deams and rain Supream!


I just need to know, did you vocode your voice or something at the beginning, and how'd you do that? O_O