Reviews for "- Lo-Ca$h Virtue -"

Great Beat

Hip Hop is best without annoying lyrics, catch phrases, product placement, and all that other shit that makes me turn away in disgust.

I love listening to this one. I downloaded it and i'll put it on my MP3 Player later.

not great

you didnt think of anything origanal and you survived only on your half ok corous if i wanted to listen to poor techno i would stay on bray streats nd listen to cars go by you need something new a meaning to the song or a bass of it you alsoneed a bigger set of verses actualy put in a piece of the song to keep viriaty and i hope this helps that i dont just sound like a bastard but you need something new

Nice going!

The Hip-Hop in this audio sounded really good and it had a lot of flavor to it. I mean, the beats were very strong and I like how other sounds came and joined in with this audio. This audio sorta has an egyptian feeling to it in a way. The voice in the beginning was quite creepy but it was a nice way to start off the audio. You got something going here in this audio. Anyways, this audio was entertaining for the time being. Overall, this audio was awesome an dI enjoyed hearing this! Awesome Work Greeksta-69 and Bleek989! :D

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PS: Deleating this audio will make Seamonky cry.


This is the 3rd verb of yours ive grabbed for our City Step - a down town break battle we throw togather every month - keep mixin bangin lines like this man, and it makes my job findin b-boy beats easy - keep mixin bro

- B-boy KAus

lol I hard this on a turtorial site

I not sure but this sound like a beat from another producers from a turtorial site
I think it was youtube or something . I'm not 100 percent sure but I remember this melody well, and the beat. your name is didnt from the toture so I'm not sure if your him or you just copy the shit off of him. Any way great sound, but its not getting the socre because I think it a rip off. but if you did indeed make this its a 10