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Reviews for "Waiting"


this one looks really rushed... the linework isnt bad, but you can see some of your workings on the brances and leave behind her, i think the stars arnt carried on underneath the brance... the colouring is good... i like how the shades mix in extreamly well and give you that cool, cold night theme and feel... her hands look really small... or her head is really big compaired to the rest of her... also i have to agree with shinobi-hunter about the hair... it seems really strange, i know your trying to get the pespective right but i felt it stood out like a thorn, also her eyes are really piercing which i feel was nice with how it still stands out while fading into the darker area of the picture, your getting an 8 beacuse i really do like the colours and colouring... but i fell you rushed this or just got fead up with it, so im going to mark you down due to the fact that this isnt the best work from you... i was a bit disapointed but still, i really love the colours, but i felt the linework let you down.... sorry sabs :(

Sabtastic responds:

Hehe - can't sneak these past you, huh? ;P

Yeah, this is one of my quicker works. Originally, I was thinking of not submitting this at all, because it was one of those 'experiment' type pics. It was a really rough sketch, so I thought i'd try out a new technique or two while quickly colouring it.

Mostly I just tried screwing around with gradient coloring and glow effects.

Thanks for the review, as usual~!!
I think 8 is still plenty generous. ;D Even your "disappointed" reviews are super nice! :3

sweet picture :)

and kavin how does one tear something "aprat?"

Sabtastic responds:

lol i know, right...?
It's kind of entertaining to watch guys with the IQ of hamsters try to express their opinion.

Its pretty good..

I like the how its shaded with dark colors but you can still make out the general shape. However one thing that I have a problem with are the fingers on the tree branch. They look like toes, they honestly do. And if her those are supposed to be her toes then where is the rest of her leg? But I'm not saying its bad , in fact I really like it. You just have to work on some of these things.

I like it

I think its pretty good. The only minor issue I have with it are that the braid looks a little out of place since it's so bright (and perfectly straight?). Kinda distracting.

Great coloring.