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Reviews for "Waiting"


I like this i dont know much about your charcters but i still find this an awsome peice of art. I read some of the comments ha wtf sure the guys trolling but about what? WHO DOESNT LOVE NINJA GIRLS IN TREES?!

Sabtastic responds:

lol Much appreciated anti-troll score-lifter. Thanks, bud.


You need to draw more ninja pictures, this one is pro, more pictures like this but in mid kill would be great


im commenting on all your stuff with 10/10 great works. You are now on my favorites

Haha, well, aside from the retarded banter below..

I like it, pretty freaking awesome. Everyone loves ninjas lol! The colors are nice and crisp, and the angle is nice. It's also a nice touch to have Rouge looking out, like waiting but sharp. The way her hair contrasts with the darkness is also pretty sweet, a nice blend of that reddish-brown in the midst of the darkness. The shape is fine, and everything seems proportional. Yes, I understand that there are indeed toes on that branch. This is because she's laying out in the tree (jesus, really people?! Ever heard of perspective? =P) The only thing I'd say is that the shading and color blends feel imbalanced in places; the branches provide a lot of different colors to mix with the earthy branches, the darkness, and the moonlight shining overhead, yet Rouge's own body feels of single shades, and I think that adding one or two more might make her seem more...well, "alive," so to speak. I'm sorry, I'm not an artist (only a humble musician =P), so the terminology I use is probably not correct. However, I hope you can make out what I'm trying to say lol. Good stuff though, keep it up!

Sabtastic responds:

I don't need fancy terminology to get what you're saying. :P
It's a great review, regardless, so thanks!! :D

Always nice to get something heartfelt and informative, rather than just "COOL. 10!"
hehe so thanks again. :3

Very nice

Still, I have seen many better drawings by you, I don't know what held you back this time, but well, also it called my attention that she/ he looks a lot like Sheik, I love Sheik, and I love your art :3